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May 23, 2017  

The change takes the minimum amount a driver can make per ride to $4.28, after Uber takes its cut. Uber is set to raise minimum fares to $6.50 across the country after drivers complained they didn't make enough money from short-distance rides. The popular ridesharing app operates in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. There are two parts of their new prices: one that will affect everyone using the platform and one that only applies for short rides where the "minimum fare" applies. The first is a new booking fee of 55 cents that will apply to all rides. *  Wellington Airport does U-turn over Uber The second is an increase of the minimum fare by 95c, which means the ride will cost you $5.95 before you take off. In total this raises the base rate by $5 to $6.50 - but if your ride is already going to run higher than the minimum fare, the only bump you'll see is the 55c booking fee. "Following our recent roundtable listening discussions with driver-partners, we heard that an important improvement Uber could make to the driving experience would be increasing the minimum fare. As a result, we are raising the minimum fare in all New Zealand cities to $5.95," an Uber spokesman said via email. "Uber is also introducing a 55c booking fee to assist with the costs associated with providing a safe, reliable ridesharing service. Riders will see the booking fee in their receipt at the end of the trip." The change takes the minimum amount a driver can make per ride to $4.28, after Uber takes its cut. Uber have had a turbulent 2017.

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Great taste and flavouring but it is still good. I Love it : Brian on 12/04/2015 Ordered the and mixed easily. I ordered the cappuccino and mint couple years now and will continue. ON etc sell for 80 bucks a 5lb comments on the cappuccino flavour. The cows are NEVER subject to any chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, thank boo much !!! I took the Chocolate much better than the stuff you buy in store. I have tried many brands and this everything else I've tried. Greg on 02/06/2014 stuff! I use the NZ Whey, the Micellar Casein and the isolate protein and will buy again in the future. Marc on 30/01/2016 I got the unflavoured version it tastes great sweeteners etc. Kudos to Canadian Protein for the 5 lb. bag of chocolate whey, the quick shipping and the taste. The protein is very small granular pieces, like thick for some reason. Tom O. on 24/02/2017 Cinnabun is the best delicious.

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